The essence of the Ballerina Flat has existed since the sixteenth century. In medieval times ballet flats were popular with both men and women. They only came out of fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries when the high-heeled shoes were requested by Catherine de’ Medici that she’d add two extra inches to her wedding shoes. Heels went out of fashion quickly after Marie Antoinette walked to the guillotine in a pair. But it was our fair Audrey Hepburn who brought ballet flats back to fashion with a pair of skinny jeans in the movie “Funny Faces”.

Of course when it comes to choosing a ballerina flat I stick to the most basic and universal colors. For complete ballerina elegance might I suggest a nude pick, if your going for a more iconic “Funny Faces” look, chose a bold black pair. 

  • H&M Ballet Flats [$19.95]